February Artist of the Month: Luke Zebelman


Courtesy of Luke Zebelman

Linlee Mangialardi, Student Life Editor

For the month of February, The Current chose to feature freshman Luke Zebelman as artist of the month. Surrounded by music from a young age, Luke has dedicated a lot of time to improving his skills and has developed a great passion for his music. His artistic achievements are incredible and reflect his hard work. The following is an interview with Luke Zebelman. Some quotes have been edited for length and clarity. 

Linlee Mangialardi: When and why did you first get into music? 

Luke Zebelman: It was in third grade when we were just picking instruments out. I’ve always really liked instruments– my dad plays instruments. I thought playing music would be a really cool thing to do.


LM: What instruments do you play?

LZ: As of [right] now, I play piano, tenor saxophone, and drums.


LM: How long have you been playing?

LZ: I’ve been playing my main instrument, tenor saxophone, since 5th grade. I usually try to play an hour a day, more or less, depending on my schedule.


LM: What type of music do you listen to? 

LZ: I honestly like every genre of music, but corresponding to my saxophone playing, I like to listen to jazz music.


LM: What musical organizations are you involved with (school, or outside of school)?

LZ: In school, I am in the jazz band and wind ensemble. Outside of school, I am in the Youth Westchester Wind Ensemble.


LM: Where do you see your music taking you in the future, and would you want to pursue it as a career? 

LZ: I wouldn’t want to pursue music as a career, but in the future I will definitely continue playing and having fun with music.


LM: Do you have a favorite piece of music or composer?

LZ: With jazz, my favorite artist is Sonny Rollins. I really like how his sound and way of playing is so unique to himself.


LM: Have you ever considered composing music of your own?

LZ: I actually have composed music of my own. I like to use different programs, get inspiration from other artists, and use my own ideas to compose music.


LM: What are some of your musical achievements?

LZ:  I have been doing NYSSMA for quite a while and that has been going really well [so] I am proud of that. Being in the Youth Westchester Wind Ensemble since I was in 7th grade is also another achievement [of mine]. Additionally, I am really proud of how long I have been practicing and how I have improved.


LM: Why are you passionate about music?

LZ:  I am passionate about it because it is a way in which I can express myself. I get to put a lot of time into my music. Yes, it’s frustrating at times, but then the outcome feels very good.