December Artist of the Month: Vitek Sabath


Linlee Mangialardi, Student Life Editor

For the month of December, The Current is featuring junior Vitek Sabath as Artist of the Month. Although this is the first year Vitek is enrolled in an art class at OHS, Vitek’s artistic journey began long before his success in SUNY Drawing 1. Surrounded by a family of artists, Vitek developed a passion for drawing and sketching at a young age. His commitment, creativity, and talent are all reflected within his detailed work. The following is an interview with Vitek Sabath. 

LM:   What is your preferred medium to work with? 

VS: Since I especially like drawing and sketching, my preferred mediums are simple- usually a pencil and/or a pen.


LM: When did your passion for art begin?

VS:  I am one of those people who have been drawing since day 1- doodling in my notebook when I was bored. Both of my parents are artists; one does it as a profession, and the other does it for fun, so I have been drawing with them since I was young.


LM: What does your creative process involve, and how do you find inspiration for your pieces?

VS: For me, inspiration mostly comes from my own creative mind. I like to mix things mostly, especially things one would not think of molding together. My creative process involves myself with paper and a blank mind. As the pen hits the paper, I mostly improvise.  


LM: What is your favorite piece and why?

VS: My favorite piece that is not mine is called The Scream by Edvard Munch. I get my inspiration for straight lines from this piece, even though it is a painting and I usually draw. I use lines placed close together and far apart to create more texture within a piece. My favorite piece of my own is the drawing of a bear I did for my SUNY Drawing 1 pen and ink assignment.


LM: Who is your biggest role model or inspiration for your work?

VS: My drawings are usually more realistic than cartoony, so I am inspired by the work of Leonardo da Vinci. His work is purely realism, almost too realistic sometimes. When da Vinci draws objects, such as architectural structures or mechanisms, I use the same style to ensure proportionality in my drawings. 


LM: What are some of your artistic achievements?

VS: My artistic achievements come mostly from outside of school, since I haven’t taken many art classes in school due to my prioritization of academics. I was in a private art club a few years ago and nationally won first place for drawing a European architectural structure.


LM: Where do you see your art taking you in the future, and would you want to pursue it as a career?

VS: I wouldn’t want to be a plain artist in the future, but I definitely want to incorporate art into the field I plan on pursuing.  I want to pursue mechanical engineering as a career and either create 3D models online or work on constructing buildings.


LM: What drives you to create art, and what do you want your audience to take away from your work?

VS:  I usually create art to escape from my boredom. I really like spilling everything onto the paper and being spontaneous in my work.  I would like the audience to know that there is a lot you can do with limited amounts of space. 


LM: Where can people find your work?

VS: I haven’t posted any art publicly since I only recently began taking art classes within school. However, I hope to create an instagram soon, where I can share some of my artwork.