News Roundup; Things We Couldn’t Stop Thinking About

A lot has happened these past few months. Here are a few things we couldn’t stop thinking about!


“Ossining, New York” by Dougtone is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

President-Elect Biden Selecting First Black Secretary of Defense, Daisy BolgerPresident-Elect Joe Biden has chosen former Army General Lloyd Austin as the new Secretary of Defense. Austin will be the first Black man to fill this position in American history. Austin, the former commander of the US Central Command, played a large role in commanding forces in Iraq and worked closely with Biden during his vice-presidency. A congressional waiver would be required for Austin to serve in this position as he retired from the armed services less than seven years ago. Biden’s nomination of Austin comes soon after the announcement of several other Cabinet picks and in the midst of calls from Democratic leaders to choose a Black American to step in as Secretary of Defense. 

Clubs Restarting at OHS, Cruz Vernon

Many clubs at Ossining High School found themselves at a halt towards the beginning of the school year. Advisors and club members struggled to find ways to engage in clubs amid the pandemic.  

In spite of these circumstances, Ossining High School’s National Honor Society has re-emerged, holding virtual meetings for current members. Recently, the club conducted their officer elections, which typically occur in the spring of each school year. As the club continues to get back on its feet, effective communication will be key to its success. Currently, NHS is organizing a virtual induction ceremony for their newest members which will take place in December. 

Similar to NHS, Ossining High School’s Junior State of America (JSA) has combated the restrictions of in-person gatherings by hosting weekly Google Meets to engage with virtual and hybrid students all at once. Fall State, their most recent convention, was held virtually and consisted of approximately 250 students from schools along the east coast. The event was heavily organized by Director of Debate Elizabeth Carpenter and Director of Moderators Marco Felipe, and three Ossining students won their debates.

Ossining High School Seniors Selected as Finalists in the American Academy of Neurology Competition, Linlee Mangialardi

In November of 2020, several students of Ossining’s prestigious science research program submitted to the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) competition. This national neuroscience competition involved the submission of an application, abstract, and research paper. There are two rounds, one in which 10 finalists are selected, and another which involves a second review of the project and distribution of final awards. On December 14, two of Ossining High School’s seniors, Meagan Ryan and Bonnie Lin, were named as finalists for the first round of this competition. Meagan’s research focuses on investigating  the epigenetic changes involving the proteins of the SWI/SNF complex, which are implicated in chronic cocaine addiction and long-term withdrawal. Her extensive research contributes to a better understanding of cocaine addiction and provides novel targets for treatment of cocaine addiction. Bonnie’s research investigates the brain waves and auditory functioning of children with low-functioning autism, which is the cause of severe cognitive impairments. Her novel research creates an improved understanding of cortical activity of those with autism and distinguishes low-functioning autism from high-functioning autism. Moving onto the second round of the competition, Bonnie and Meagan will hear of their results in February. We wish them the best of luck!

Sarah Fuller Playing for Vanderbilt, Cameron Takmil

Despite Vanderbilt’s mens’ football season coming to an abrupt end due to violations in COVID-19 protocols, Sarah Fuller’s inspiring career continues to make headlines. Fuller became a household name in the college football world this season when she became the first woman to play in a Power 5 football game. Fuller would score two extra points in her final game, being one of the few women in history to score a point in American college football. While her career only lasted a few games, Fuller’s impact on NCAAP football transcended her time on the field, inspiring countless people around the country.

Belarus Pro-Democracy Protests, Mary Ford

Revitalized in August of 2020, Belarus pro-democracy protests, concentrated in Minsk, have continued as cries for President Lukashenko’s resignation echo throughout the country. Lukashenko, who has violated human rights on multiple occasions and proven to be averse to participating in a fair and democratic election, has received sharp criticism for his electoral misconduct from both his people and leaders throughout the world. With the rise of authoritarian governments in eastern European and Russia’s expanding sphere of influence, the events in Belarus signal a shift in political dynamics in the region and a continuity in the former eastern bloc nation’s history. 

Harry Styles’ Gold Music Video, Daisy Bolger 

Harry Styles’ music video for hit song “Golden” was released on October 26th, and is widely loved by his fans. Amassing over 56 million views, the video features Styles near the Amalfi Coast in Italy, singing as he runs down the street, swims, and drives in a convertible. The singer wears multiple outfits, including a fisherman’s hat and flowing pants, and a blue jacket with sequined gloves. This simplistic, yet visually-pleasing piece has become a fan-favorite.