School Through a Screen: A Back to School Photo Essay


Daisy Bolger, Grade 11

With the ongoing consequences of COVID-19, the layers of chaos and conflict from the highest powers of American society mask the everyday effects of a global pandemic. By sifting through a continuous flow of statistics and new information, one will find the nationwide issue of American education during a pandemic below the storm. A student’s experience throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has resembled a never-slowing rollercoaster, with unknowns that threaten their ability to not only succeed, but simply have access to their right to education. Finding a balance of safety and proper teaching has been a challenge nationwide, yet the individual student’s experience cannot be described through a single blanket statement. Whether it’s from a socially-distanced classroom, or from a Zoom call in a teenage bedroom, the 2020 school year through the eyes of a modern student takes infinite forms.