Quarantine Diaries: Top TV Shows To Binge If You Haven’t Already


Ella Castrillon, Staff Writer

School, sports, life, and other extracurricular activities can be a lot for students and parents to juggle. All those busy weekends and late nights makes many wish for more free time to enjoy ourselves. With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting in March of this year, many were left in with more free time than they had previously been accustomed to. Entertainment companies, such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and more, now offered fun options to pass time. In case you missed them, here are the top 10 TV shows that you should binge watch ASAP (if you haven’t already). 


Top 10 TV Shows:

  • Grey’s Anatomy

Grab your scrubs and prepare for Seattle Grace Hospital! Currently on their 17th season, Grey’s Anatomy is a fan favorite and is in the hall of fame for drama TV shows! This series is based on a group of young interns that learn the hard work and tragedy that comes with becoming surgeons, while facing life issues and heartache. From despair to comedy, this show will give you a range of emotions and is definitely a must-watch!


  • All-American:

Even if you don’t like football, this show will make you want to huddle up! This show is back from popular demand, and there’s a reason for it! Spencer James, a football protege, attends South Crenshaw High. When given the opportunity to play on the Beverly Hills team, he is faced with a tough decision that will change his everyday life and perspective. 


  • Stranger Things:

This show will make you go to the nearest arcade, play vinyl records, and eat some Ahoy ice cream! For those of you who still haven’t binged this 80’s themed sci-fi series, it was rated a 93% on rotten tomatoes! This series is set in Hawkins, Indiana, where a group of teens observe supernatural forces and deal with vial scientists. The three seasons of Stranger Things will give you the horror and comedy needed to make you feel upside down!


  1. The Society

Even though The Society came out in 2019, this still remains a teen favorite and the ultimate mystery! This series is centered around young Allie Pressman and her older, protective sister, Cassandra. When almost all the students set out for a field trip in their town, New Ham, it is unexpectedly cancelled due to severe thunder and lightning storms. As the teens return disappointed, they realize that all of the adults in their community have vanished. Left with new freedom and to fend for themselves, the young adults and children in the town must run their own lives and navigate their new life. This suspenseful thriller will teach you the importance of family, leadership, and force you to rethink the people you trust… 


  1. Outer Banks:

Kooks, pogues, and surfers, oh my! Pack your swimsuit and boating outfits, because we’re heading to the Outer Banks… 

Currently one of the most popular shows on Netflix, Outer Banks came out during quarantine in April of 2020. As you can guess from the title, this show is set in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, and is about a gang of teens that encounter new discoveries while solving the disappearance of the main character’s father. This action-adventure teen trama is a must watch on Netflix!


  1. Gossip Girl: 

Grab your flip phones and clique school uniforms, we’re about to head to the Upper East Side! This trendy drama is about a group of high schoolers that deal with teen scandals and breakups. As they go through their high school careers, one thing is certain, Gossip Girl will always be there to stir the pot! 



  1. Survivor: …What could go wrong with a real life hunger game?  There’s a reason this reality giant has been on for 40 seasons. This show features a group of contestants deliberately marooned on an isolated location where they must battle for shelter, food and water.  Alliances get formed and drama ensues. The best and worst of human nature comes out. The tribe has spoken!


  1. Tiger King

What’s not to love about tigers and their madness of trading! 

“Pssst… have you watched Tiger King?” Was a common question during quarantine. This true crime docuseries on Netflix reveals the world behind big cat owner Joe Exotic, and his relationship with his nemesis, Carole Baskin, an animal rights activist and founder of Big Cat Rescue. They accused each other of murder and, supposedly, someone even got fed to the cats! Tiger King will have you asking: “What did I just watch?” in the best way possible!


  1. On My Block

Meet Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar in one of the most popular Netflix series! Given a 92% on rotten tomatoes, this TV show follows a group of teens that navigate high school and growing up. This comedy-drama already has 3 seasons and will be filming their fourth season soon!


  1. The Office:

Collect your pens, books, and even grab a cup of coffee because we’re ending the list with The Office! Focused on a paper company, this show introduces the staff of Dunder-Mifflin that you will soon grow to love! With 9 seasons, this cult-classic will make you laugh, keep you entertained, and have you hooked until the last, heartwarming episode!

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