March Athlete of the Month: Jud Langille


Hunter Caparelli, Sports Editor

Our Athlete of the Month for the month of March is Jud Langille.  Jud is currently a senior on the Ossining Golf Team and has committed to play golf at Penn State University next year.  With Jud’s last season of high school golf on the horizon, he looks to continue his exceptional production of extraordinary scores that can eventually help him win states.  A few of Jud’s top performances include Top 21, 18th, and Top 11 finishes. Jud was competing at the American Junior Golf Association Kansas Junior at Buffalo Dunes and acquired 1.67 points when he finished Top 21.  In addition, Jud competed at the Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy Junior All-Star and received 2 points when he finished 18th. Lastly, Jud was competing at the FORE Performance Junior Championship and secured 3.82 points when he finished top 11!  Jud will be converging with eight other current players on the Penn State University Golf Team when he joins them next year. 

When asked to give a short summary of his golf career, Jud replied, “My main sports were hockey and baseball for the majority of my childhood.  During the summer after my eight-grade year, I started playing golf for fun with my hockey teammates and I started to really enjoy it. After playing on the high school golf team the Spring of my freshman year, I started playing competitive tournaments that summer.  Junior golf, besides high school, is an individual and I’ve been playing in local, regional, and national and international tournaments since then.”

Jud’s response to describing his high school career in one sentence – “I would sum up my high school career of athletics and academics as trying to accomplish what I need to do day in and day out in order to meet the goals I’ve set for myself long term.”

When questioned how he feels about having the chance to play golf at Penn State University starting next year, Jud answered, “It’s an amazing opportunity that I have worked extremely hard for.  I know that with a strenuous program such as Penn State’s, the best is yet to come and I plan on taking full advantage of it. I also look forward to returning to a competitive team environment.

To conclude the interview, Jud was asked what one goal he wants to accomplish this season before leaving for college, which he replied, “My goal for my last high school season is to win states.”

With stardom just around the corner, we, as fans, look to catch sight of Jud’s greatness before it’s too late.  We’ll all definitely be rooting for him this season and we’ll continue to watch his golfing career prosper subsequent to high school as he takes his talents to Penn State University.