Stress Management


Linlee Mangialardi, Opinions Writer

Have you ever been stressed with a ton of school work, extracurricular and social activities, and other commitments? According to the Mental Health Foundation, over 70 percent of people have felt so overwhelmed with stress that they are unable to cope. Some stress is normal and can even be beneficial, but it can become a significant problem that can lead to many mental health issues. Here are some ways to help manage stress throughout the year…

It is important to remember that mental and physical health are closely interconnected. Keeping good habits for your physical health can positively affect your mental health. Studies have shown that avoiding refined carbs and reducing caffeine intake can help reduce stress levels, as these two things spike blood sugar. Additionally, regularly exercising can lower stress hormones, improve sleep quality, and boost confidence and overall attitude. 

In addition to maintaining good physical health, there are little things that can help lower stress levels. Simple things, such as lighting a candle or using essential oils, can reduce anxiety. Common scents used in aromatherapy when trying to reduce stress include lavender, rose, eucalyptus, and chamomile. For music lovers, listening to instrumental or slow-paced music can also help to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormone levels.

Most importantly, taking the time to determine the source of stress and its positive and negative effects is crucial in helping reduce the issue. It can be extremely beneficial to consult with friends or a trusted adult. Talking about your stress with others may give you closure and may leave you with some great advice. Hopefully, these tips will help you cope with stress this year!