“This Is Me”: A Moving Display by the Students of Ossining UFSD


Angela Torricella, Editor-in-Chief

With the new school year beginning, the Ossining School District is looking forward to one of its best years yet. Students eagerly awaited another sequel to the almost viral montages of “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling”, in which the staff of the Ossining school district puts on spectacular performances. This summer, the spotlight was put on the students. Students from all ages came together to share what they thought made Ossining such a special place. Mr. Quiroga lent his videography talents to the job with a beautiful compilation of some of the best things that the Ossining students had to say about their schools and teachers. Ms. Beattie and the drama club even make a surprise appearance with a moving performance of the hit “This Is Me”, from The Greatest Showman.