Expanding the Arts at OHS: Digital Media Club

Get an insider look at everything going on at Ossining High School.


Angela Torricella, Editor-in-Chief

The Ossining school district is one that is heavily invested in the arts. From visuals to theater, students throughout the district participate in some form of art. At the high school, drama club productions reel in bigger casts every year. The latest production, a musical about the journey of a not-so-average cheerleading squad, blew away audiences, and by closing night, had the theater filled to the brim. Photography students have their photos displayed yearly at the Greenburgh Library, where they participate in an amateur photography contest, and every year the majority of finalist are students from OHS. Painting and drawing students dominate at competitions such as ACT-SO–the Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics, organized by the NAACP–and many more. One branch of visual arts at the high school, filmmaking, seems in to growing rapidly. Mr. Quiroga, who can be found on Twitter @MrQPhoto displaying loads of his students’ work, is striving to expand the filmmaking presence at the high school. One of his newest creations for doing so is Digital Media Club, a group of students dedicated to capturing the best of OHS and putting it into video. This past year, the club shined a spotlight on all of different events that take place at OHS.

Max Rudley documents pajama day in this short clip.

Watch students participate in a spirit week tradition at OHS–decorating the hallways.

Peter Tarricone gives a glimpse into the school spirit at the pep rally.

One of the videos made my the members of the Digital Media Club for the robotics team won the team a trip to the international championship in Detroit.

Mr. Quiroga hopes to keep expanding Digital Media Club and encourages all students to join–especially because they have a drone that is only used for the club.