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Paris Attacks Still Reverberate

Paris Attacks Still Reverberate

Sri Polkampally, Staff Writer

December 22, 2015

The violence that terrorized Paris shook the world. On the evening of November 13, thousands of Paris residents and tourists were bustling on the streets and the soccer match between France and world champion Germany was being held. But unfortunately, on the same night, several terrorists with AK-47s...

Underwater Hotels Surfacing Worldwide

Underwater Hotels Surfacing Worldwide

Diana Kennedy, Staff Writer

December 17, 2015

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay in an underwater hotel? Well this dream may soon become a reality with innovations hitting tropical locations around the world. These new vacation retreats will be placed in the Florida keys and on the coast of Tanzania. The hotels are not particularly...

Ebola: What’s Really Going On?

A burial team from the Liberian Ministry of Health unloads the bodies of Ebola

Somari Davis, Staff Writer

October 23, 2014

Ebola: an infectious disease brought on by fever and internal bleeding spread through contact with body fluids by the filovirus (Ebola virus). Also, known as the most commercialized illness as of recently. Shockingly, Ebola isn’t as new as people may think, it’s just now on the global scale. If...

A Remodeled Eiffel Tower Includes a New Floor for its 125th Anniversary

To put this image into perspective, those dots in the background are people.

Paul Kleiman, Features Editor

October 22, 2014

With the French, it always seems that you can never really tell what they mean. One may think that they just added a 125th floor to the Eiffel Tower just because they felt like it-because why not? But really, what’s with all the hype?   In France’s capital, Paris, the romantic stakes...

The Looming Threat of ISIS: What’s Going On? What Does the Future Hold?

The Looming Threat of ISIS: What's Going On? What Does the Future Hold?

Elliott Reichman, Staff Writer

October 21, 2014

The rapid spread of the jihadist militant state ISIS has taken a backseat to the Ebola crisis in world news lately, but this group’s threat has the potential to be just as harmful to the U.S. in the long term. ISIS is the richest terror organization in the world, getting funding from a plethora of...

West Africa’s Ebola Outbreak: What’s Going On? What’s Next?

Workers for the charity organization Doctors Without Borders carry a body killed by the Ebola virus early this April.

Colin Tobin, Staff Writer

September 30, 2014

Ebola- the mere word spreads fear like the plague itself does death. Perhaps, if we are not careful, this outbreak of Ebola could be the greatest disaster of the 21st century. Contrary to what one might think, Ebola did not simply pop into existence over the summer. Researchers first discovered the...

The Gaza-Israel Conflict: An Overview and Summer Update

Firing of missiles has led to thousands of casualties in both Israel and Gaza over the past several years.

Lior Raz-Farley, Staff Writer

September 30, 2014

For over 45 years, Gaza (also known as the Gaza strip) has been under Israeli military occupation. In 2005, they withdrew their military from these isolated 139 square miles and also dismantled several settlements they had very close to the Gaza strip. Although Israel has controlled Gaza’s borders...

Russia Should Cry Me A River

David Leibert, Opinions Editor

April 22, 2014

Crimea has been a region of major conflict over the past two months. Russian soldiers took over the peninsula of Crimea and ousted the then- Prime Minister of Crimea, Anatolii Mohyliov. By the middle of March, Crimea declared independence from Ukraine. The vote for independence and subsequent declaration...

8.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chilean Coast

8.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Chilean Coast

Adam Krupinski, Staff Writer

April 22, 2014

Last Tuesday, an 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck about 53 miles off the northern Chilean coast, killing five people and well as requiring the evacuation of thousands from the coastal areas of the country. The death toll from this earthquake was relatively low, thanks in part to tsunami evacuation drills...

The Continued Ukrainian Saga

Elizabeth Keeley, Staff Writer

March 26, 2014

For Ukraine, things just seem to continue speeding on up. Revolution was sparked in Ukraine at the end of last month when President Viktor F. Yanukovych refused to complete a deal with the European Union. Protesters eventually took over Kiev’s Independence Square, located in the heart of the country’s...

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