O’Dell Beckham Dealt to the Cleveland Browns


Cameron Takmil, Staff writer


This off season has not yet come into full effect as the draft is still a long ways from now. Despite this, a plethora of moves and acquisitions already headlined media outlets for the past few weeks. But by far the most monumental move has to be O’Dell Beckham Jr. being dealt to the Cleveland Browns. This move was huge on many levels as it sent out a statement with it. It showed football fans the direction each team plans to go towards. The New York Giants plan to rebuild and find their star players in the draft, while the (previously woeful) Cleveland Browns have goals to make a run for the Super bowl next February.


The Giants traded Beckham to Cleveland for the 17th pick, 95th pick, and safety Jabrill Peppers as many sources confirmed. Many teams were interested for O’Dell Beckhams’ talents as it seemed like Giants’ executive David Gettleman was open to trading him. With the Giants rebuilding, he didn’t fit their timeline and wasn’t going to help them lose more games by any means. Still, this is confusing as it looks like the Giants were only a Quarterback and a few other pieces away from becoming a playoff contender. Trading a guy like O’Dell Beckham only makes their future QB have less to work with. Nonetheless, the picks they added as well as Jabril Peppers could help fill the holes in their roster.


Cleveland, on the other hand, looks like they have a clear direction: a Super bowl championship. It’s surprising considering how they were the laughingstock of the NFL for a long period of time. Some make jokes on how the Cleveland offense could lead them to a 16-0 record after going 0-16 just a few seasons prior. While that’s most likely unrealistic, the Browns could pose a real threat to any franchise’s Super bowl runs. Beckham has good chemistry with another of the Browns receivers, Jarvis Landry, which could help Cleveland come together as a team to win. Some of O’dell’s notable statistics: Beckham ranks third in targets per game, fourth in receptions per game, third in receiving yards per game and third in receiving touchdowns for his career. His new quarterback, Mayfield, had an NFL rookie record for touchdown passes.


In the end, both teams have changed their direction with closing and opening their window of opportunity to win a Superbowl. The Browns want to be the ones hoisting up the Lombardi Trophy, as the Giants are still looking for their guy to lead them to the Super bowl in future years.