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The Pacific Gas and Electricity Company Shuts Down Power Lines in Northern California to Prevent Wildfires

The Pacific Gas and Electricity Company Shuts Down Power Lines in Northern California to Prevent Wildfires

Caera Matthews, Staff Writer

November 3, 2019

Wildfires have torn through California, destroying homes and forests. Recently, a new tactic has been developed to help prevent these fires. Power lines can spark and cause fires. After the news that powerful winds will be sweeping across Northern California, The Pacific Gas and Electricity Company(PG&...

Carl Heastie Becomes First African American Assembly Speaker in NY


Hannah Purdy, Editorial Assistant

February 28, 2015

History had been made earlier this month when Assemblyman Carl E. Heastie of the Bronx secured the speakership of the New York State Assembly. Mr. Heastie is the first African American speaker of the chamber and is successor to long time speaker Sheldon Silver, who stepped down in the aftermath of federal...

Government Shutdown: The Bigger the Climb, the Larger the Fall

David Leibert, Opinions Editor

November 13, 2013

The government was shutdown from October 1st until October 16th of 2013. This is because the appropriate funds for the upcoming, now current, fiscal year was never agreed upon by the House and the Senate. The Republican controlled House accepted a bill that created the funds but delayed the initiatio...

Effects of the Government Shutdown

Effects of the Government Shutdown

Ellie Houghtaling, Staff Writer

October 22, 2013

While many Ossining High School students have been overheard making light of the government shutdown, it is truly no laughing matter. It began over 2 weeks ago, on October 1st. when the government’s fiscal year began. By this point in time, Congress is supposed to propose a new budget plan. This year,...

Government Shutdown

Government Shutdown

Paul Kleiman, News Editor

October 6, 2013

  As Tuesday, October 1 neared, a breadth of government officials’ breath was shortened. They became increasingly nervous about the event that would strike both their communal reputations and arguably the most important responsibility that the Legislative Branch has for America: to fund the...

Fill or Bust?

Fill or Bust?

Andrew Leibert, Opinion Editor

September 19, 2013

Filibustering, a parliamentary procedure meant to allow members to delay a proposal, is now a device employed by the Senate minority to prevent progress for the agenda of the majority. Senator Rand Paul turned heads by filibustering the Senate confirmation of incoming CIA Director John Brennan in March. Instead...

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