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Emma San Martin
Emma San Martin serves as the Entertainment Editor for the Current.  She has been responsible for The Maestro's Corner, a classical music review, since her freshman year (2014) and looks forward to one last year with the mighty Current before she graduates.  Having started out as a staff writer, Emma was promoted to Layout Editor and then to Editor-At-Large as a sophomore, finally rising to the position of Entertainment Editor at the end of her junior year.  When not listening to triumphant Beethoven symphonies at an immoderate volume, she may be found playing the piano at an equally immoderate volume, sketching, writing, or pondering her next column. Note to staff: If you need an article to be grammar-slammed and/or posted with media, contact Emma at her school email ([email protected]).  She will be happy to help you.

Emma San Martin, Entertainment Editor

Sep 28, 2017
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Oct 21, 2014
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