2019 Ossining Varsity Boy’s Soccer- A Legendary Year


Fanny Zhang, Editor-in-Chief

The fall of 2019 was one of the most historic and legendary seasons for the Ossining Varsity Boy’s Soccer team. Coached by Joe Scamarone, this team had an impressive regular season with 12 wins, two losses, and one tie. With the record breaking year, the team won the League, the Section and the first Regional Championship, and were only two games away from the State Championship. Team Captain, Nolan Lenaghan, reflects back on the season. 

How many years have you been on the Ossining Varsity Boys Soccer team?

I played for 4 full years; I was called up at the end of my 8th-grade season

What made this season a different and special one to you and everyone else on the team?

This season was different for us because we needed to prove to ourselves as a team and a program that we are trending in a successful direction and that last year was not a fluke. There is a lot of talent in Ossining and it’s only right that it’s being shown now, cohesively. A great team is made up of many skillful players and even though I believed in us from the start, I was still a little curious to see how we would rebound from last year’s loss in the section final.

Can you name the biggest achievements made by this year’s team?

Obviously winning the League, the Section, and the first Regional Championship in school history were pretty historic achievements, but I think our team transcended that and gave our community something to rally behind together, which to me is the biggest win of all.

What were some obstacles you or this team faced?

Our biggest obstacle was ourselves. The pressure didn’t really exist because after all of our stars from last year’s team graduated, I’m not sure many people believed we could be as successful this year. It definitely took some time to mesh, but with the quality of players we had that was really only a problem for the first week or two of the season. 

How did you overcome these obstacles?

You can’t pick and choose which games you want to show up for. The competitive fire was in everybody from the start, which gave us a chance to win every game; we probably still shouldn’t have lost the two games we did. In terms of team bonding, there were a couple of times where we got all 20 guys out to the field on a Saturday morning and just played a King of the Hill tournament. Those events may seem small but they do a lot for camaraderie. 

Can you reflect back on this season and describe the factors that made this such a powerful team all around?

There were both types of heroes: the ones that catch the headlines and the ones who do their job better than 95% of other people silently. The number of times a new face stepped up in a big moment was incredible. We never were a one-man show and that’s what makes a team powerful. 

What was your favorite memory of the season?

There are way too many to rank them. I would say though, one of the most memorable things was when, in our post-game celebration during the Sectional semi-final, we knocked over the fence that overlooks the goal near the parking lot. It was a rainy and gray day and instead of everybody shivering and staying in, our community showed out and supported as just as much as all the other playoff games. LoHud took a picture of the crowd when the fence collapsed, and the looks on each individual’s faces were priceless. Many people will remember that moment for quite a while. 

What do you hope this team can continue to do and improve on for the following years?

I hope Ossining continues as a powerhouse in our area for some time to come. You can find people playing on the high school field at virtually all times of the year; the love for soccer in our community is so strong and pure that our town deserves to continue in its success. That means that it is up to the players on the team to inspire the next generation, to give them something to strive for and aim to be a part of someday. You need strong leaders to build a strong culture. 

How did you balance school and soccer and what advice do you have for underclassmen teammates?

To be honest, I am never sure how I did it all. A planner or organizer is always nice to keep you on track, but really you have to take advantage of the time you get off both in school and out of school and be diligent in your work. I think there is also a false stigma that you have to stay up late to do your work; sleep is more important than anybody knows. Teachers are humans too. If you communicate with them, they will help you with your scheduling. A refreshed mind and body produce better work at a more effective rate.