Neglecting the People of Yemen: Trump’s Policies Are Devastating Yemenis


Tali Fel, Opinions Editor

Under the presidency of Donald Trump, America’s role in the Saudi-led war against Yemen has steadily increased. The intensifying participation on the part of the United States demonstrates a blatant and disturbing disregard for what is quickly becoming one of the major humanitarian crises of this generation. By aligning with the Saudis in this conflict, the United States turns a blind eye to the nearly eight million Yemeni on the brink of famine, the one million Yemeni infected with cholera, the two million Yemeni displaced from their homes, and the more than 10,000 Yemen men, women, and children who have already been killed. The United States has been offering a steady supply of weaponry to Saudi Arabia, which includes the US-made bomb that killed 40 school children on a school trip. Despite these ongoing atrocities, the United States continues to stand with and send troops to Saudi Arabia. Until our government is held accountable for its involvement in these atrocities against humanity, thousands more will continue to die. The United States will be left with blood on its hands.